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Mission Statement:

The Tukwila Pantry is a non-profit food bank established to serve the residents of the city of Tukwila, SeaTac and Burien in a humane and dignified way with their food and other referral needs.  The Tukwila Pantry is committed to provide food for those in need and educate the community on issues surrounding hunger.

 Our Story:
South King County has a large percentage of families with children living in poverty. At Cascade View Elementary School, just two blocks from the Tukwila Pantry, over 80% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch programs.

Recognizing the local need, three organizations: Tukwila Rotary, The Riverton Park United Methodist Church and the Tukwila School District banded together with an $18,000 start-up grant from United Way to open the Tukwila Pantry in May, 2001. 

The beginnings were small, and in our first year we distributed 28,101 pounds of food to 952 individuals and served 277 families. Thanks to growing awareness and growing partnerships, in 2004 we were able to distribute 727,684 pounds of food serve to 18,357 individuals and over 5,000 families.

At the Tukwila 
Pantry we secure and distribute nutritious food to clients. The Tukwila Pantry picks up food Monday-Saturday from local companies like Safeway, Cash & Carry, Del Monte, Franz Bakery, LSG Sky Chef, Starbucks, and Target. Weekly the Pantry truck picks up food from Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline. Even with these generous donations, the Pantry has certain operating costs for the transportation of food, maintenance of equipment, utilities, and the salary of a Director and a Driver. 

Sadly, with today's economy and job loss our neighbors rely on the food bank more than ever. The Tukwila Pantry serves other communities as well. There were 13,132 household visits from Seatac, Burien, and Tukwila in 2016 and 1,307,840 pounds of food were put in homes instead of in landfills. 

The clients of the Tukwila Pantry are your neighbors. You may live in a different suburb,
or community, but you visit Tukwila and Seatac when you fly to Seattle, or visit Southcenter Mall and the surrounding businesses. You have an opportunity to provide food to children in these cities who are hungry by making a financial contribution to the Tukwila Pantry. At 72¢ a meal, your money will go far. Please help by sending a contribution to the Tukwila Pantry today.

Your donation of your volunteer time or your financial assistance is greatly appreciated. Please don’t delay — “In the land of plenty, plenty are hungry.” You can make a difference!

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Tukwila Pantry
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